The Grizzly’s Christmas

 The Magic and Power of Trusting and Giving

The Grizzly's Christmas - Postcard (Rev. 1)In this delightful tale, Irving just wants to be left alone to hibernate. But St. Nicholas needs the grizzly’s special powers. What powers? Irving doesn’t know. But he decides to trust this human. He not only learns about giving—his memories lead him to reclaim his own strength.

The original story was written by Malcolm F. Farmer, anthropologist, museum curator and director, and college instructor. Shortly before his death, he asked Cindy to work on the manuscript. She uncovered the ancient bear beliefs and folklore that he had hidden in his Christmas tale.

Early Praise for The Grizzly’s Christmas

“Who knew you could learn so much about bears while enjoying a well-told tale? It’s enough to make you want to take Irving as your spirit animal.”                                                                     —Grant Barrett, co-host of the National Public Radio Show A Way With Words

“Malcolm Farmer’s The Grizzly’s Christmas is a delightful blend of anthropological insight and wide-eyed enthusiasm. Farmer, Schuricht, and Marks have produced an enchanting masterpiece that soothes, inspires, and even occasionally tickles the mind and soul of the teddy-bear clutching child in all of us.”                                                                                                             —Seth Mailios, chair of the Anthropology Department, San Diego State University

Miranda's first illustration.

Miranda’s first illustration.

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Find out why a story about a grizzly doesn’t use the word bear.                       Cindy Schuricht's book release, this picture shows an actual grizzly bear waving. He seems to be smiling.









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  1. I love the blend of fact, folklore and fiction in “The Grizzly’s Christmas” , which makes it unique. It is suitable for adults and children and creates an environment to learn and imagine at the same time. Cindy has a way of bringing a theme into her stories (or adaptations) that results in getting her readers to think beyond the story itself. A teacher could develop an entire thematic unit around this one book making connections with science, social studies, geography, anthropology and literature at the same time!

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