The Grizzly’s Christmas e-Book

The Grizzly's Christmas - Postcard (Rev. 1)Ann, Miranda, and I are excited to let you know The Grizzly’s Christmas e-book is here! Well, actually it’s there . . . on Amazon: 

Since it’s newly up, you’ll probably have to put in “The Grizzly’s Christmas” by Malcolm F. Farmer if you’re just looking around on the site.

Irving, a grizzly, doesn’t know why St. Nicholas wants his help or why St. Nicholas thinks Irving has special powers. But by helping St. Nicholas, the grizzly regains a deep sense of himself and his importance to people.

The story is written for children as young as five or six and is designed to grow in meaning as a child matures. Notes about bear lore and ancient beliefs from many areas of North America, Europe, and Asia explain aspects of our long and complex relationship with these amazing creatures.

Please take a look and, if you read the book, please leave a review. Thank you! Thank you!

To read more about the book, go to the page under the Hundred Book Pile Up photo.

Got Attitude?

Thankful for green and for plants = more green, more plants or at least more because I actually see them

Thankful for green and for plants = more green, more plants or at least more because I actually see them

My wise friend Ellen says that we get more of what we are thankful for. I think true thankfulness goes hand-in-hand with joy.

My Amazing Day, by Karin Fisher-Golton, Lori A. Cheung, and Elizabeth Iwamiya, is a board book for the youngest readers. Their goal is to teach very young children about gratitude through the transformation of the simple joys of Lily’s day into thankfulness.

The journey of this self-published book to my hands started with my sister-in-law sending m a link to a Kickstarter campaign:  Although the campaign is over, if you’re a writer contemplating self-publishing, take a look.
Amaz Day
The writer, photographer, and designer set out to raise an amount just under $10,000 to finance the printing of their book. Fisher-Golden, Cheung, and Iwamiya already had the product to show. They shot a video explaining and promoting the project, and they offered different rewards for different contribution levels. I liked what I saw and contributed enough to receive a copy of the book when it came out.

The book designer for The Grizzly’s Christmas talked about doing a similar campaign if weThe Grizzly's Christmas - Postcard (Rev. 1) decide to re-publish. My tech knowledge is pretty limited and I couldn’t quite grasp how this worked until I started following the progress of My Amazing Day. The trio sent periodic updates about the production stages. I learned the point at which you would start a campaign—you need more than just an idea; how to use different media to present your project, show you are willing to work, and connect as people.

What a statement of support to find others willing to make your dream a reality!

My Amazing Day is now in my hands. It’s lovely and loving. The first spread hooked me. “In the morning, I heard singing” with a photo of a bird are on the left side; and, on the right, a photo of the fourth collaborator, Lily, Elizabeth’s young daughter, sleeper-clad, hair-akimbo, eyes closed—asleep . . . with just a hint of a smile on her face.

The photos will make you smile. The words feel just right. I have long planned to send this book to the youngest nephew in the family. Now I’m wavering . . . but I will be strong and mail it.

You can find the book at

A grand opening at our launch party—go to to find out more.

A grand opening at our launch party—go to to find out more.

Another book to celebrate thanksgiving without being a Thanksgiving book is Splat Says Thank You, words and illustrations by Rob Scotton, published by HarperCollins in 2012.

In this story, Splat’s friend, Seymour, is sick. Splat wants to make him smile, by thanking him for all the things Seymour has done to help Splat out of jams. Did I mention that Splat is a cat and Seymour is a mouse? The book and its illustrations are funny and truly convey thankfulness at the same time.

Back to Ellen’s words and an old book I’ve just started to reread, Love is Letting  Go of Fear, by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., Celestial Arts, 1979. (Celestial Arts. Celestial Seasonings. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius. You remember. I don’t miss the bell-bottoms, but flowers in rifle barrels should never go out of style. But I digress . . .)
Love, Fear
One of Jampolsky’s lessons is “All that I give is given to myself.” When we are thankful, we get to relive the joy we first felt; we sustain the cycle of giving and receiving; we prolong our celebration. I used to tell my first graders if they can be happy for good things in a friend’s life, they get to be lots happier than if they are only experience happiness for the good things they get themselves.

So have a happy Thanksgivukkah, the first official time Thanksgiving and Hanukkah share the day. Don’t miss this unique celebration, since it won’t happen again for about 77,000 years.

Ann, Malcolm Farmer's wife, and I at her launch party

Ann, Malcolm Farmer’s wife, and I at her launch party

Meanwhile, Miranda, Ann, and I are thankful for the response to The Grizzly’s Christmas at our two launch parties. Thank you to all the friends who made those days so special. We are nearly sold out of our first edition. The e-book had hit several snags. I thought switching over was supposed to be a snap. Evidently not, but as of this afternoon, it looks like I’ll be able to let you know soon that it is available on Amazon.

P.S. Dear readers in Poland, thank you for reading my blog. I would love to hear from you. Please let me know what you are most interested in, and thanks again.


We served Grizz Fizz—cranberry juice, lemonade, and ginger ale with a Swedish salmon

We served Grizz Fizz—cranberry juice, lemonade, and ginger ale with a Swedish salmon

Miranda and I signing books at our party.

Miranda and I signing books at our party.