Closing Comments: Reviewing My Stack of Books from The Yellow Book Road

Book of ZZZs

Closing comments. No, not from me . . . The last post ended with a stack of books purchased from The Yellow Book Road, the wonderful bookstore closing the end of May.   Early Picture Books:                                                                          The first to catch my eye was Bear On His Own, from the “Let’s Go to the Zoo” […]

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Secrets of the Flame: Jane Yolen and Finding Yourself in the Story

Clay baby dragon

Jane Yolen, one of my favorite authors, once spoke about finding which of her characters represented herself and how that sometimes changes over time. At a point, I realized Gwendolyn’s the mother I wished to be—openhearted; nurturing; pushing herself into bravery; and trying to be the best mother she can. But I also had to […]

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